Forced to Flee: People on the Move Yearning to Breathe Free

The international community observes Human Rights Day every year in December. It commemorates the day in 1948 that the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The annual Article 3 Advisors Human Rights Day program and luncheon is a time to pause, reflect and focus on a defining human rights issue of our time, with topics selected that are deeply rooted in social, political and economic history and profoundly relevant to current events. Hosted in partnership with Humanity United and the Stupski Foundation, a stimulating, thought provoking and engaging event is intended for philanthropists, activists, practitioners, civic leaders, and change agents who are oriented towards understanding complex issues, passing on knowledge and acting on solutions. It is our hope that the program serves as a catalyst for a rich dialogue and a deeper understanding among key stakeholders and influencers. 

For this year’s event we focus on: People Forced to Flee and on the Move, "Yearning to Breathe Free".  The immigrant’s pursuit of life, liberty and security of person is met with a reign of terror and cruelty in our name. There may be no other issue in today's reality that challenges our collective history, our deepest values, and our essential humanity.